Men’s Wear For Summer: Look Cool, Stay Cool


  1. Lightweight Clothes: In the summer, we should wear as many lightweight clothes as possible. These clothes feel less hot and keep you away from moisture.
  2. Loose-Fitting Clothes: Loose-fitting clothes are very useful in the summer. They reduce sweating and help keep your body cool.
  3. Shorts and Skirts: These clothes are the most worn during the summer season. Because they are small and lightweight, they make you feel less hot and keep your body cool.
  4. Light Colors: Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. Therefore, wearing clothes in white and light shades of blue, green, and yellow is recommended.
  5. Cool Fabrics: During the summer months, to avoid sweat, people wear clothes made from cotton and linen. These fabrics help keep moisture away and absorb sweat, which is why most people prefer wearing them in the summer season.

Suggestions for Special Clothing:


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