5 Best Tailors in Delhi: Special For Ladies


Finding an efficient best tailor in delhi is important for those people who are always looking for well-fitted and fashionable outfits. Delhi, being an economic hub is also known for its creative fashion scene, there are numerous tailors in Delhi that are highly professional and competent. For your assistance, we have compiled a list of 5 best Tailors in Delhi. Whether you’re looking for customized dresses, traditional Indian clothing, or casual wear, these tailors are renowned for their competency, workmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Criteria for Selection:

To shortlist the best tailors in Delhi, we have created specific criteria, according to which tailor must have:

  • A proven track record of creating and delivering top-notch quality clothing.
  • A history of craftsmanship as it ensures that every stitch and seam is carefully crafted and done.
  • Excellent customer service, as it’s vital for an appealing and smooth tailoring experience.
  • Been offering a catalog of styles with a wide a range of designs for clients.

Lastly, affordability plays a role in selecting a tailor without compromising on quality work. While many tailors in Delhi met these criteria but we have selected only the best five Tailors.

Top 5 Tailors in Delhi:

1.   Royal Tailors, New Delhi:

With more than three decades of service, Royal Tailors are well-known for their dedication to minute details and accurate measurements, ensuring a flawless fit for each client. Their talented workers work hard to create classic and appealing clothing, giving close attention to stitching and fabric choices. Royal Tailors is the go-to place for individuals looking for outstanding formal outfits.

2.   Feminine flair, New Delhi:

 Excelling in traditional Indian clothing, Feminine Flair is equipped with highly efficient tailors and elaborate designs. They have an enormous range of outfit designs and cuts including sarees, lehengas, and shalwar suits. The team at Feminine Flair works closely with their clients to ensure that the final outfit matches one’s individual style. Feminine flair develops gorgeous costumes that highlight India’s rich cultural heritage while keeping to traditional traditions.

3.   Darzi Boutique, Shahpur jat:

As the name says, Darzi Boutique is a tailor known for its innovative and trendsetting designs. They serve a variety of fashion demands, including personalized Western wear, fusion attire, and casual wear. As they have a list of uncountable latest fashion trends, Darzi Boutique offers clients the opportunity to express their personality and style through clothing. Their highly efficient designers mix creativity with flawless technique to produce stylish and modern clothes.

4.   Sunshine Tailors & Drapers, R.K. Puram:

Sunshine Tailors & Drapers, located in R.K. Puram, best tailor in delhi is a reputable name in the tailoring industry. Their dedication to providing high-quality work and customer satisfaction has earned them a huge fan following. The competent tailors at Sunshine Tailors & Drapers have perfected their art over the years by paying close attention to each and every aspect of the tailoring procedure. From accurate measurements to fabric choice and stitching, they make sure that they produce masterpieces in the form of dresses. Whether you are looking for formal dresses, ethnic wear, or casual clothing, Sunshine Tailors & Drapers offers a wide range of choices to fulfill clients’ different preferences and styles.

5.   TailorCafe In All Over DELHI :

Tailorcafe is well known for its high-end tailoring services for ladies. They have developed a reputation as first-choice tailors for their customers because of their flawless tailoring. tailorcafe have a complete understanding of fabrics and creative concepts for design, which enables them to make cozy and fashionable. Their dedication is showcased in every stitch, ensuring that each dress is flawlessly made.

Expectations from an expert Tailor:

When working with an expert tailor, you can expect a specialized and team-based experience. The complete procedure involves discussing your choices, and preferences, taking precise measurements, selecting fabric, and finally the embellishments and design. Communication is

Here Is The Basic Pricing Of Tailor Cafe’s Tailoring For Ladies

Service TypePrice In (INR)Booking Service
Simple Suit Salwar750/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Salwar With Half Lining850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Salwar With Full Lining999/-Book Appointment
Simple Kurti550/-Book Appointment
Simple Kurti With Lining750/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant With Half Lining1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant With Full Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo With Half Lining1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo With Full Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Anarkali Dress3850/-Book Appointment
Sharara Suit3550/-Book Appointment
Gharara3700/-Book Appointment
Simple Lehenga Choli6500/-Book Appointment
Custom Petticoat550/-Book Appointment
Custom Petticoat With Fabric900/-Book Appointment
Skirt1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse550/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse With Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse Lining & Padded1450/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse Padded1050/-Book Appointment
Formal Trouser1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Western Dress1500/-Book Appointment
Basic Gown1550/-Book Appointment
Maxi Dress1550/-Book Appointment
Simple Lehenga5500/-Book Appointment
Fall pico250/-Book Appointment
Suit Fitting, Fixing250/-Book Appointment
100% Accurate Lehenga Fixing/FittingCall/Ask With ExpertsBook Appointment
Ladies AlterationCall/Ask With ExpertsBook Appointment

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