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Ladies Stitching Price List

Service TypePrice In (INR)Booking Service
Simple Suit Salwar750/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Salwar With Half Lining850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Salwar With Full Lining999/-Book Appointment
Simple Kurti550/-Book Appointment
Simple Kurti With Lining750/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant With Half Lining1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Pant With Full Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo850/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo With Half Lining1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Suit Palazzo With Full Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Anarkali Dress3850/-Book Appointment
Sharara Suit3550/-Book Appointment
Gharara3700/-Book Appointment
Simple Lehenga Choli6500/-Book Appointment
Custom Petticoat550/-Book Appointment
Custom Petticoat With Fabric900/-Book Appointment
Skirt1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse550/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse With Lining1250/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse Lining & Padded1450/-Book Appointment
Simple Blouse Padded1050/-Book Appointment
Formal Trouser1050/-Book Appointment
Simple Western Dress1500/-Book Appointment
Basic Gown1550/-Book Appointment
Maxi Dress1550/-Book Appointment
Simple Lehenga5500/-Book Appointment
Fall pico250/-Book Appointment
Suit Fitting, Fixing250/-Book Appointment
100% Accurate Lehenga Fixing/FittingCall/Ask With ExpertsBook Appointment
Ladies AlterationCall/Ask With ExpertsBook Appointment

Men's Stitching Price List

Service TypePricing in (INR)Booking Service
Simple Quality Shirt499/-Book Appointment
Simple Quality Pant599/-Book Appointment
Simple Blazer3000/-Book Appointment
Waistcoat999/-Book Appointment
Kurta599/-Book Appointment
Kurta Pajama

1199/-Book Appointment
Tuxedo Suit4999/-Book Appointment
3 Piece Suit4999/-Book Appointment
Men's Alteration199/-Book Appointment


Read Our Additional Questions

Tailorcafe tailoring service works by providing a convenient platform where you can submit your measurements, choose your preferred style and fabric, and communicate with professional tailors who will create a custom garment based on your specifications.

Absolutely! Our online tailoring service provides clear guidelines on how to accurately measure yourself or offers professional measurement services at affiliated outlets. Our skilled tailors will work precisely to ensure a perfect fit based on the measurements you provide.

If, by chance, you’re not completely satisfied with your garment, we offer alterations to make necessary adjustments. Our dedicated customer support team will work with you to address any concerns and ensure your garment meets your expectations.

The time frame for receiving your tailored garment depends on factors like design complexity, fabric availability, and current workload. Typically, it takes about 3-7 Dasys from order placement to delivery. However, we will provide you with an estimated timeline during the ordering process.

Absolutely! We prioritize your privacy and security. Our online tailoring service follows stringent protocols to protect your personal information. We employ secure encryption methods, and your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality. You can trust that your information will remain safe and secure throughout the tailoring process.

Let’s crack the code & know the price of customized dress:

Pricing is a key factor in the decision-making process in the tailoring industry. When it comes to personalized costumes, a number of considerations are at play that affect the price and duration needed for stitching. We have expertise in customizing every kind of dress, from eastern wear to western attire so the prices vary accordingly. We have established an honest transparent price structure that complements the complexities of the making process. Also Tailorcafe promise you to remain affordable than rest of doorstep tailoring platforms near you.

Exploring the factors affecting price considerations:

  1. Complexity of design: First of all, the cost of customized gowns is significantly affected by the complexity of the pattern and style. The tailor must spend more time and effort on intricate designs, delicate furnishings, and distinctive workmanship. As a result of the additional service required, the costs for such designs are typically more.
  2. Type of fabric: Another significant factor in calculating price is the fabric selected. Expensive fabrics, like silk, satin, or designer materials, frequently cost more due to their lavish nature and the expertise needed to work with them, whereas more affordable fabrics, like cotton or synthetic blends, might offer a budget-friendly option without compromising style and comfort.
  3. Urgent delivery & Dress size: The size and measurements of the customer also impact pricing. To get a great fit, tailors carefully collect measurements, but modifying designs and altering sizes can make the procedure more challenging. Customization for petite or plus-size individuals may require additional time and expertise, thus influencing the overall charges. Moreover if you are looking for urgent delivery of your customized dress, it may also add on into the price.

Duration required: The duration required for stitching is a key consideration. Our Tailors (Tailor near me with pricing) are generally given a specific timeframe based on their workload and the complexity of the design. While some simple dresses can be stitched within a few days, more elaborate and heavily customized outfits might require several weeks. We crucially communicate the expected delivery time to the customer, allowing them to plan accordingly.

Behind the seams:

The availability and cost of accessories such as buttons, zippers, and trimmings are additional considerations that affect costs. These components increase the overall costs while also enhancing the dress’s aesthetic appeal. Tailors may charge separately for these materials or include them in the overall cost, depending on their business model.

Our tailors bring their expertise to the table, ensuring that each stitch is perfectly executed, and the final product meets the customer’s expectations.

Tailorcafe gives you the right balance between quality, customization, and pricing. Customers should consider the unique features of their desired dress, the expertise of our tailor, the choice of fabric, the complexity of the design, and the expected duration for stitching. We facilitate you to have open communication with us about budget constraints, style preferences, and delivery timelines. This will ensure you a smooth and satisfactory tailoring experience with us.

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