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Indian Clothing Brand In India

Indian clothing : Indian fashion industry always reflects the rich heritage of the country, talent, and creativity. In recent years Indian native clothing brands have emerged in the country and grabbed the limelight on a global scale. These brands not only offer outstanding designs but also support ethical living and value classic traditions. We will explore some of the Indian-owned clothing brands, highlighting their location and expertise.

1.   FabIndia:

FabIndia, a renowned Indian-owned indian clothing brand, has gained significant popularity for its native roots. It operates in New Delhi and an American citizen founded it. FabIndia’s reputation stems from its extensive range of traditional attire and culturally inspired dress collection. They fuse traditional touches into contemporary designs to create masterpieces.

2.   Anita Dongre:

Anita Dongre is present in Mumbai. The clothing line of Anita Dongre is famous for its lavish and wonderful Indian clothing ethnic clothing. She frequently combines modern and conventional patterns in her creations, along with fine handmade materials and elaborate embroidery.

3.   Ritu Kumar:

Ritu Kumar, a very well-known clothing line present in Kolkata is an early leader in revitalizing ancient clothing and fashion traditions in India. She adorns her line of clothing with everything from traditional sarees to modern Indo-Western fusion apparel, all intricately decorated with delicate handmade designs.

4.   Payal Singhal:

One of the famous Indian-owned clothing brands situated in Mumbai is Payal Singhal. Payal Singhal’s brand infuses a modern twist into Indian cultural clothing. Her creations frequently incorporate innovative designs, unusual prints, and a seamless blending of classic and modern components.

5.   BIBA:

It is located in New Delhi. BIBA is a well-known company that specializes in trendy as well as pocket-friendly ethnic clothing. They provide a vast variety of clothing to meet the different demands of Indian ladies, ranging from simple kurtas to magnificent bridal dresses.

6.   Rohit Bal:

Being present in the Heart of New Delhi, this brand is quite popular among fashion-centered ladies. Rohit Bal is popular for his exceptional work ethic and creative vision. His company offers luxury couture collections with complex embroideries, premium fabrics, and a fusion of modern and conventional styles.

7.   Raw Mango:

Raw Mango is located in New Delhi. This brand is famous for its handmade sarees and other traditional clothing. Their brand highlights ancient weaving and gorgeous colors, bringing back centuries-old textile customs and encouraging environmentally friendly behavior.

8.   Abraham & Thakore:

Another emerging Indian-owned clothing line present in New Delhi is Abraham & Thakore. Abraham & Thakore is famous for its elegant yet simple take on Indian design. Their line creates fashionable clothes with a strong cultural foundation by fusing traditional Indian textiles with modern styles.

9.   Allen Solly:

Allen Solly is one of the most famous Indian clothing brands. It has made itself the brand of choice due to its creative designs and high standards of craftsmanship. This brand offers a wide range of clothing for both men and women with a focus on versatility, different occasions, and personal choices too.

10. Tarun Tahiliani:

One of the emerging and extraordinary clothing brands, synonymous with lavish bridal couture wear in New Delhi is Tarun Tahiliani. They came up with a fusion of Indian and Western attires. What makes this brand different from others is its detailed styling and seamless designs.


 The growth of Indian-owned indian clothing brands has brought a new perspective to the fashion world. These brands have worked hard to gain attention from all over the World but they kept their traditional fashion norms alive during the whole journey. From FabIndia’s love for Indian clothing to Allon Solly’s grandeur, each brand included in this article represents the rich variety of Indian fashion. Indian-owned clothing firms continue to make their impact on the world stage while conserving and promoting the country’s rich stylish traditions by fusing expertise, originality, and cultural heritage.

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